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Safety Blitz Foundation


To reduce statistics from lost and missing children across the United States.

The Safety Blitz Foundation was formed to provide and promote family safety resources to parents and communities across the country. The Safety Blitz Foundation leverages the ability of sports to empower prevention tools to children, teens, parents, coaches, and educators.

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Partners that help us spread knowledge and help with the child identification programs

Partnerships range from local, state, regional, and national elected officials and law enforcement organizations to educational and coaching organizations to the NFL Alumni Association’s Caring for Kids Campaign to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Success stories include helping distribute millions of inkless child identification kits, prevention resources, and drug disposal kits to community members in all fifty states.

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Sen. Marsha Blackburn talks human trafficking, child ID program with NFL, state officials

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Roundtable to bring awareness to missing children


How are leaders tackling human trafficking in Tennessee?

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The safety of children in Bossier Parish is paramount, these ID kits are another way that the Bossier Sheriff’ Office can help keep them safe and give parents peace of mind.  View Article

Sheriff Whittington

Bossier Sheriff


With the help of our county sheriffs, we are able to provide the parents or guardians of every second-grade student in Ohio with identification cards they can complete and keep at home. It is my sincere hope that this kit is never needed for another child in our state, but in the event that it is, the child id kit will give authorities vital information to assist in their efforts to locate that precious young student and bring them home.  View Article

Dave Yost

2023 NAAG President / Ohio Attorney General


The key here is preparation. How can we as a community be better prepared should a tragic event such our children becoming missing or kidnapped and we can give law enforcement all the tools necessary locate them quickly and to get them reunited with their families safely.  View Article

Chief Scott Thurmond

Birmingham Police Department


Every 40 seconds, a child goes missing in the United States; and when a child goes missing, time matters. The sooner law enforcement has the right information, the sooner they can locate the child; and the better the chances are for a safe recovery.  View Article

Jeff Landry

Louisiana Governor, now Louisiana Attorney General


And in fact right now in Iowa we have 150 missing children at this very moment. These kits will provide law enforcement 90% of the information they need to start looking for a missing child and every second counts.  View Article

Brenna Bird

Iowa Attorney General


With this type of information, when the tragic, the unspeakable happens, it’s so important to get the right information to law enforcement as quickly as possible. So I know it’s given me peace of mind, and we’re happy to give some peace of mind to Virginia parents.  View Article

Jason Miyares

Virginia Attorney General


It can help provide an investigative lead to law enforcement that is working to find missing kids.  View Article

Josh Kaul

Wisconsin Attorney General


You put it in your bible, you put in your safety deposit box, you put it somewhere, to where if it's needed, you could get it, if you don't need it, it'll just be there. It's a safeguard.  View Article

Maurita Bryant

Former Pittsburgh Assistant Police Chief


Child ID kits are a great, low-tech tool that helps parents record and safely store important identification information about their children. Parents keep total control of the kits and, should an emergency arise, they can quickly present it to law enforcement. As a mother, I truly hope no parent ever needs to utilize the kit—but should a child go missing, it could prove vital in helping law enforcement and the public in their search.  View Article

Ashley Moody

Florida Attorney General


This is a gift of safety for Louisiana parents. It does not enter a database; rather, it allows parents to store their children’s vital information in the security of their own homes.  View Article

Kevin Cobb

LSA President and Franklin Parish Sheriff


When a child goes missing, every second counts. These ID kits provide law enforcement with a new tool to locate missing children more quickly and provide Delaware families with the ability to be better prepared for the unimaginable. This partnership will help reunite families and save lives.  View Article

Bethany Hall-Long

Delaware Lieutenant Governor


I can’t imagine the helplessness parents feel when their child is missing. But I do know that when it comes to protecting our children, no precaution or tool in our playbook is too small. These ID kits will provide parents with all the critical, identifying information about their children at their fingertips should they go missing. Hopefully, they will never need them, but the kits will be invaluable in an emergency. I’m grateful that we’re able to provide this extra step of preparedness to Delaware families.  View Article

Valerie Longhurst

House Majority Leader and executive director of the Police Athletic League of Delaware


Last year, in Mississippi alone, 138 children were reported missing to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Twenty-seven of those Mississippi children are still missing today. When a child goes missing, time is of the essence. The sooner law enforcement can locate the child, the better the chances for a safe recovery. The Mississippi Child ID program will help make that happen.  View Article

Lynn Fitch

Mississippi Attorney General


As a former FBI agent, I know first-hand that when a child goes missing, every single second counts in the search to bring them home. Having the necessary DNA samples ready on standby enables our law enforcement to spend their invaluable time tracking down a child’s location, not their fingerprints. I am proud to introduce this bipartisan legislation with Congressman Norcross to provide the millions of parents, guardians, and law enforcement across the nation the necessary tools they need to protect our children.  View Article

Brian Fitzpatrick

Pennsylvania Congressman


The information is in one place and that can bring peace of mind during an already stressful situation. These packets are so valuable to law enforcement and search and rescue. You can pick up the ID kit at the Sheriff’s Office window.  View Article

Iron Country Sheriffs Office

social media post


We want any tools that can help us locate a child safely…all the information we need to pursue a case is right then and there and all we have to say is sir or ma’am do you have a kit?... This kit gives us everything we need to start that investigation…I'm excited for the opportunity to better equip parents to keep their kids safe.  View Article

Sheriff Sid Gautreaux


While the media often overlook the unsettling rise in runaway cases, law enforcement agencies and NFL Alumni are unafraid to communicate the unvarnished truth to parents: human trafficking is spreading, more minority children are missing than ever, and there is a chilling connection between runaways and opioid abuse, gang activity, and trafficking. This battle is one state, federal, and local law enforcement communities fight tirelessly every single day. The exploitation of our children is real. Predators stop at nothing. That’s why our new prevention initiative is so important. By providing safety game plan materials to parents and public policy leaders, we can adapt our approach to evolving threats against young people with increased urgency and a preventive defense that will work.  View Article

Jason Miyares

Virginia Attorney General


If parents can provide a readily available child ID, upon determining that this is a possible abduction situation, it will enable law enforcement to have critical information necessary for their investigation.  View Article

Chris Scott

West Des Moines Police Chief


In the unlikely event your child suddenly goes missing, the Sheriff’s Department wants every parent to prepare a child identification kit (ID) to make it faster and easier for law enforcement to identify your child.  View Article



As Attorney General, my biggest priority is keeping our children safe. That’s why I’m thrilled to join Virginia Tech legend Frank Beamer and launch the Virginia Child ID Program. The National Child ID Program is a free, easy, and effective tool to help Virginia parents prepare for the unimaginable. When a child goes missing, the first 24 hours are crucial to law enforcement. These ID kits, kept safe by parents, are designed to assist law enforcement at the onset of the investigation so that more time can be used locating the missing child.  View Article

Jason Miyares

Virginia Attorney General


It's not uncommon for families to only have a small photo or an outdated one. This speeds everything up, and speed and time affects everything.

Steve Drew

Newport News Police Chief

South Carolina

Obviously treating the cause of a problem, the prevention aspect is the most important thing you do. But what happens when the unthinkable happens? Every second matters. So giving parents an additional resource that might help them shave minutes or hours off of an investigation to help recover their child is something that we can do.  View Article

General Alan

South Carolina Attorney


I want to thank you for providing these kits to the children across the Commonwealth. These kits are going to enhance our program, not just in Hanover County, but across the Commonwealth… For those that don’t have an ID program, this is going to give them one. For those like us that have an ID program, it is going to enhance our program. I promise you we will find innovative ways to get this out to the parents.

Sheriff David Hines


The safety of children in Delaware is paramount. When a child goes missing, every second counts. There is nothing more important than bringing them home. Having the Child ID Kit information available allows law enforcement and the community to focus on locating the child. These Child ID Kits are another tool to help keep them safe and allow parents to be proactive in our shared efforts to protect our children.  View Article

Nathaniel McQueen, Jr.

Delaware Safety and Homeland Security Secretary

New York

We encourage parents of children in our community to take advantage of the child identification kits. When a child goes missing, time is of the essence. These kits are helpful additions to families to have all of your child's information compiled in a single place.  View Article

Captain Greg Bello

Rochester Police

South Carolina

This kit takes less than two minutes to complete and will contain a vast majority of the components we need to reunite a missing child with their family.  View Article

Leroy Ravenell

Orangeburg County Sheriff, President of the South Carolina Sheriffs Association


The NFL Alumni Association and the Child ID Program are providing an invaluable resource for families and investigative entities that are faced with the unthinkable, the loss of a child. Having a Child ID Kit is like having an insurance policy. It is something that every parent should have but you pray that you will never need. It is not going to stop something bad from happening, but it can have an impact on the outcome if it does. It can help to bring at least some resolution to a family during the worst time of their lives.  View Article

Mitchell Davis

Chief of Police, Hazel Crest Police Department

New Jersey

Nationally, missing black women outnumber white women four to one with the problem impacting black girls 11 to 21 years of age the most. Minority populations account for over 57% of missing children reports analyzed. The new national initiative has full support of NOBLE and is modeled after a successful public-private partnership led by Hazel Crest Police Chief Mitchell Davis, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Child ID Program in which Illinois families received over 120,000 free inkless at-home child ID kits.

Quovella Maeweather

NOBLE Region One Vice President; Public Safety Director, Franklin Township (Somerset) New Jersey


What the ID kit does is that, in one very easy to find place, it has a DNA sample, it’s got a fingerprint, it’s got a recent picture and biographical information that a parent who clearly is under stress is able to provide to law enforcement without having to sort of root around and try and find things that may help them conduct an investigation quickly.  View Article

Brian Moore

Program Manager for school climate for the Delaware Department of Education


I am excited that our police department was able to take advantage of this partnership to provide free Child ID kits to the Chapin community and the Triopia school district. Every day, over 1,000 children go missing nationally. Although the odds are extremely low that anyone in our community will need to submit this kit to law enforcement, it is always best to be prepared.  View Article

Steve Helmich

Chapin Police Chief


The terror and grief felt by parents and caregivers when a child goes missing can be crippling. These ID kits can help give law enforcement clarity in an otherwise chaotic situation. I am proud to be part of this effort to keep Arkansas children safe while also supporting our law enforcement partners.  View Article

Tim Griffin

Arkansas Attorney General


These moments matter, and time matters.  View Article

Pat Labat

Fulton County Sheriff


There is no such thing as being overprepared when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our children. With a child going missing every 40 seconds in America, we must all be ready for worst-case scenarios. God willing, law enforcement will never need to see your Child ID Kit, but the National Child Identification Program allows families to be proactive with their at-home kit in case of an emergency.  View Article

Al Nienhuis

Florida Sheriffs Association President and Hernando County Sheriff